Facial treatments


  • 1h15 facial treatment
  • Cellular regeneration using the LPG system
  • Visible results after just 1 treatment**!
  • Brighter tints : x2
  • Reduced lines :
  • 34%** forehead
  • 27%** frown
  • 29%** neck
  • Skin toning (face and neck) : +97%**
  • Softer hands : +72%**
Facial treatments

Dermalogica Facial Treatments

A range of traditional and manual treatments using advanced deep penetration products. We use products by DERMALOGICA and LPG.

These professional services provide solutions which improve the health and beauty of your skin while at the same time combatting signs of premature aging.

After a preliminary examination, we will select the most appropriate product for your skin type and provide you with the guidance for establishing a suitable tratment routine.

Soin fondamental 60min

+ Endermolift 15min (total : 1h15) €85.00

Soin spécifique 60m

+ Endermolift 15min (total : 1h15) €95.00

Soin ado clear start 40min

Soin homme Dermalogica shave 45min

+ Endermolift 15min (total : 1h) €70.00

Facial treatments


LPG developed the Endermolift™ process, a 100% natural anti-age technique for men and women of all ages. The procedure redensifies the skin and removes the signs of aging, leaving a radiant and younger looking face.

The Endermolift™ process is unique in the world for its ability to stimulate the natural production of hyaluronic acid (+80%).

Soin régénération «anti âge excellence» 1h15

Soin «anti âge» regard et levres 45min

Soin total peau neuve 40min

Cure LPG (séance 10min = 20€) 10 séances

Cure LPG (séance 20min = 40€) 10 séances

Cure LPG (séance 30min = 60€) 10 séances